It looks like families having fun together in church.

They compete as a family against other families in fun games. 

They sit together so they can laugh together at the skits, video clips and games.

They sing some fun songs together, laughing and high fiving each other!


Worshipping God as a family is what a normal family should look like. Not just at church but at home. Jesus is so much more than someone or something we leave at church. He wants to fill your home.

Specialized children’s ministry that reaches a child where they are developmentally and spiritually is an important part of growing up.

But, so is worshipping together as a family.

Family worship should be part, not all, but part of their spiritual development. Wiggling. Singing. Observing their parent(s). Experiencing. Growing in a church family environment.

A Family Celebration!

It looks like worshipping God together!

Clapping. Singing to Jesus from the depth of your heart…together.

It looks like praying together…with and for each other. Kids laying their hands on parents and parents laying their hands on children.

It is experiencing healing and wholeness in family situations and relationships.

There’s nothing, absolutely nothing, like seeing your child, your family encounter the Presence and Love of God.

And that’s the purpose behind this encounter!


What is Power Up?

In His presence there is fullness of Joy

Families Need to Experience God

Power Up Retreat is exactly what the name implies. We are going to do more than just talk about, or learn about God’s power.  Families are going to experience the presence of Precious Holy Spirit.

God’s power is available to every believer to help us win over sin, love each other better and even understand the Bible better. After 3 ½ years of instruction, Jesus knew His followers needed more.

They needed Power, Holy Spirit Power…and we still do! He wants to fill all of us, and yes, that includes kids and their families. So, why not family size it so everyone joins in the adventure!

Have you experienced the splendor of majestic mountains lately?

Mountain vistas can take your breath away! I’ve experienced mountains all over the U.S., seen them in books and photos; I’ve heard passionate testimonies of people that have been to some of the highest. But, none of that could prepare me for the breath taking experience of actually seeing Mt. McKinley, the highest mountain in North America! It was beyond description!

Experiencing the Presence of God is…

beyond my ability to describe.

I have tons of stories to tell; stories of kids, parents and even me personally experiencing the presence and power of God. Stories can stir your faith, but there is still nothing like the joy of experiencing Him personally. His presence is life changing! Kids need to experience Him like that too!

Children will never know their Heavenly Father UNLESS He has visitation rights.

Just as children will never know their father if he doesn’t have visitation rights, they can’t know their heavenly Father without experiencing Him first hand.

It’s not enough to know about God. We need to know Him personally!

And that includes children too!

I met a lady recently that didn’t believe children could experience the power and presence of God. That is until her daughter experienced Him at a Family Service. She’s knows now! Shocked, she watched as her daughter experienced the life changing power of God.


Jesus corrected his disciples

“Let the children come to me.” And He still means it! He loves the praises of children and children love to praise Him. We just need to give them opportunity!

Your child can and should experience the Power and Presence of God!


Baptism of Holy Spirit

It is so exciting to see children and adults receive the baptism of Holy Spirit! I am thrilled when families get to experience it together.

One leader asked a girl, “Did you receive the Holy Spirit? She emphatically responded, “I’ve been praying in my prayer language.”

It was kinda like, “Of course. Isn’t that what I’m supposed to do?”


So what are you waiting for? Give me a call or shoot off an email.

I’d love to partner with you for a Power Up Retreat in your church or city.


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