There’s no doubt, parenting is challenging!


The goal to raise Godly children is challenged by a spiritually bankrupt culture.

Parenting children is a challenging job.


Busy lifestyles leave parents drained without emotional or spiritual reserves needed to nourish their children. While the constant pull of the ungodly influences demand that children be prepared or sucked into the downward spiral. There is a tremendous need for parents to be encouraged, taught and held accountable to shape the destiny of precious children that Almighty God has placed in their care. The church should be a refuge where parents can be refueled and receive directions that will help them accomplish their God given responsibility.


It’s not enough to see a problem.

Parents know they have a problem. Parents need solutions! They need encouragement! They need role models. They need vision, insight and wisdom. They need support. So many parents don’t have any kind of support system in place.

And what do we do about it?

  • It’s easy to gripe!
  • It’s easy t0 point fingers.
  • It’s easy to make excuse why we have the family problems that exists today.
  • It’s easy to stick our head in the sand and hope it fixes itself.

But while we gripe and point accusing fingers, it only grows worse.

It’s not the fastest way. And it’s not the easiest way, but investing is parents consistently and deliberately is an effective way to equip parents.

Some suggestions:

Find out what parents need.

  • Ask them questions that give you insight to needs.
  • Pay attention to what they say and what they don’t say.
  • Listen and observe the children.
  • Provide opportunity for them to interact with other parents.

Make good resources available through conferences, book and video lending and training class.

Provide low cost family activities where they can discover and celebrate the joy of doing things together as a family.

Be careful that the family is never pushed off the church radar.


We can help parents learn to…

  • Bless and not curse their children.
  • Develop Better Communication and Listening Skills
  • Some effective discipline tools
  • How they can turn their house into a Godly home
  • How to have devotions with their children


Book a Parenting Conference in your church.

for a one or two-day seminar called “Train ‘em Right” You can customize the seminar to fit your needs, choosing from eight different workshops with the Family Celebration Option. You can open it to other parents in your community or limit it to your membership. We want to help you impact families.


What will this seminar do for your parents?

  • Encourage and inspire them to be better parents.
  • Parenting is hard work.
  • Biblical illustrations will inspire your parents and renew their spiritual passion to be the parents God wants them to be.
  • · They will learn new skills and reinforce existing skills to make them a more confident parent.
  • · Customize the workshop to fit your church. Select the workshops that best fit the needs of your parents.


How is this seminar different?

The Passion. We love children and parents. As both a parent and a children’s minister for over 25 years we understand the needs of children and want to pass that passion on to parents.

Strong Spiritual Focus. While most seminars focus on only the mechanics, this seminar will stir your parents to include their children as they pursue God and develop strong biblical character.


Sessions to choose from.

  • Train ‘em Right
  • So You Want to Be Heard
  • Blessing Your Children
  • Passing On Your Faith
  • 7 Habits of Godly Children
  • Understanding Your Children
  • Discipline That Works

Family Holy Spirit Encounter (Power Up for Families)