More than an experience…it’s a relationship.

I’ve heard the complaints…

they speak in tongues, but they are the meanest person in the church.

tongues have passed away.

I’m fine without being filled with Holy Spirit.

But, because Holy Spirit is my precious friend, I know the difference He can make in a person’s life.

And it breaks my heart to think that anyone would miss that!


People are Confused.

Today, in the modern church, many believers are confused. Far too few can say I heard, I believed and I received. Some folks seem to be totally ignorant on the subject and others are asking questions:

Got questions about Holy Spirit?

What is the significance of Pentecost?
Who is the Holy Spirit?
Are tongues of the devil?
Was speaking in unknown tongues just for the disciples?
Is Pentecost just too deep for me to understand?

I’d love to point you to some of the answers in my book “Precious Holy Spirit.”

There seems to be a menacing fence – complete with a huge “Keep Out” sign – surrounding Pentecost and its accompanying infilling of the Holy Spirit. Some folks  say, “You receive all you need when you get saved.”

Confused and frightened by the roars of tradition and skepticism , far too many believers remain silent and powerless. I am convinced that the Person of Pentecost is the missing dynamo in the modern, anemic church? Especially since Jesus told His disciples, after His resurrection, to “receive the Holy Spirit.” John 20:22

Removing the barriers that keep us from experiencing more of God,

demands that we search God’s Word, discover and receive the infilling of the Holy Spirit.


Like everything God has for us, we must believe to receive precious Holy Spirit.

So let’s teach them. Equip them. Help them know Him…not just know about Him.

fence padlock

Is it really important?

Why is this experience so critical?

It is because it takes believers into a deeper, fuller relationship with God. The benefits of living a Spirit filled life is experiencing the partnership of Holy Spirit guiding, empowering and transforming every area of a believer’s life.

I am not talking about a one time experience.

I am referring to building on a relational experience that moves forward into everyday life, like a wedding should move into a deeper, fuller lifelong relationship.

Out of this partnership with Holy Spirit flows



power to win over sin,

power to witness,

and spiritual maturity.

Jesus made a big deal out of the reality that they should not grieve over the fact that He was leaving them because He would send a comforter that would not just be with them, but would live in them.

So let’s give them opportunity to receive Holy Spirit and experience His fullness.

With limited time on Sunday, how can you help the people in your church know more about “Precious Holy Spirit”? Here are some ideas:

  • Small group Bible studies.
  • Focused church wide inter-generational campaign.
  • Sunday School class for new believers.
  • Sunday School class to stir up “old” believers.
  • Disciple and invest in new believers by giving them the book “Precious Holy Spirit”.
  • Invest in your staff or ministry team by giving them the book “Precious Holy Spirit”.
  • Holy Spirit emphasis for Wednesday night study.
  • Because the “Precious Holy Spirit” book is packed with illustrations it can be used for children, youth or adult studies.
  • Family devotions. Parents encourage their children to brush their teeth; shouldn’t they be encouraging their children to live spirit-filled lives?
  • Holy Spirit Encounter
    • Staff retreat and refill. Get away with your staff to know and experience Holy Spirit.
    • Special service on Sunday night or Saturday night.
Holy Spirit Filled Living

7 Benefits of Spirit Filled Living covered in “Precious Holy Spirit” Book!

1. Holy Spirit is a PERSON. Holy Spirit enables you to obey and follow God’s laws and instructions. (Ezekiel 36:27) Chapter 1 of the book “Precious Holy Spirit” uncovers the mystery of Pentecost by establishing the historical events of both Old and New Testament occurrences.

2. His PRESENCE brings you abundant life that overflows. (John 7:38,39) Chapter 2 of the book “Precious Holy Spirit” shows the significance of His presence and how it brings life to the believer like water does to a desert.

3. God’s PRESENT enriches and blesses every area of your life. (Romans 14:17) Chapter 3 of the book “Precious Holy Spirit” illustrates that every believer can receive God’s life empowering presence.

4. Holy Spirit will PARTNER with you so you can pray more effectively. (Romans 8:26) Pneuma, the wind or life giving breath, covered in chapter 4 of the book “Precious Holy Spirit”, helps believers understand Holy Spirit’s role as their prayer partner.

5. PASSION Holy Spirit helps you to love more deeply. (Romans 5:5) Chapter 5 of the book  “Precious Holy Spirit” emphasizes how Spirit filled living can ignite spiritual passion to love God and people.

6. PURPOSE Holy Spirit anointing enables believers to do the works of Jesus. (John 14:12) Chapter 6 of the book “Precious Holy Spirit” encourages believers to allow Holy Spirit anointing to flow through them so they can fulfill their life purpose.

7. POWER Holy Spirit empowers believers to be His effective witnesses. (Acts 1:8) Chapter 7 of the book “Precious Holy Spirit” reminds believers to plug into God’s power to be agents of change in a dark world

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